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Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium

S.T.E.M. Offerings for Schools


Options for each program involve a classroom activity, planetarium show, and museum tour.


Aviation: Oklahoma Takes to the Skies

This program allows students to learn about some of the history and science behind aviation from our local perspective. Aviation is fantastic means to show teach the importance of being goal oriented. Our stomp rocket basic engineering, assembly, and launch activity is sure to engage the whole class and make them smile. Try our new planetarium show, Dream to Fly.


 Solar Energy: Bottling the Sun

Inspire students to learn more about earth sciences and energy conservation with this fun look at how solar energy came about. Your students will show their creative side when they get to blue print an idea for their own solar invention and see examples of how this energy alternative could build a better future. The recommended planetarium show to accompany this is Dynamic Earth.



Weather: Forecasts and Flight

Climate, storms, and how our atmosphere works are just some of the aspects of what our weather sciences program touch on. Weather experiments in the classroom make for fun and interactive demonstrations. Our tour will show why weather is so closely watched by Pilots and NASA. Try Dynamic Earth for your planetarium show as well.


Space and Astronomy: From Star Gazing to Star Chasing

Space exploration is always an exciting topic and at TASM we have an awesome program showcasing different aspects the science behind it. Learn what kind of training is expected of astronauts, the arrangement of the solar system, or even what it would be like to live on another planet. Our interactive museum tour will have your students looking skyward. Choose from multiple planetarium shows including, Earth Moon and Sun, STARS, or Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity.


Early America: The Colonial Sky

American innovation and ingenuity have played a huge role in the advancement of science, aviation, and space exploration. This program takes a historical look at how even in our beginnings there were those who put effort into greater challenges in life and helped propel the world into great achievements. Students will have a colonial themed project and be encouraged to keep learning about topics that interest them, much like those early Americans. A good fit for this program is our planetarium show, Two Small Pieces of Glass.

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  • Planetarium

    The Planetarium

    High-def visuals. State-of-the-art technology. Both come together in an immersive intergalactic experience unlike any other in Green Country.

  • Exhibits

    More at TASM

    Immerse yourself in the past, present and future of Oklahoma aviation. Every era of Oklahoma aviation is on display with a variety of exhibits.